For the next two months, (until Advent) our worship theme will be “We Live, We Love.” 

The struggle with right relationship is a human theme that has challenged people throughout history. To live is to love — no way around it! These themes cross boundaries of time and geography and we also find them in some of the most ancient stories of our Judeo-Christian tradition. Throughout this series, we will look at themes of human frailty and the ways in which our fear shows up in difficult relationships.

October 28 “Looking Back” – Genesis 19:17
– Rev. Nancy Talbot
November 4 “Face to Face” – Genesis 33:10
– Communion Intergenerational
November 11 “Reconciled” – Genesis 45:14-15
Gospel Sunday – Carla Wilks
November 18 “Playing Favourites” – Genesis 27:29
– Rev. Nancy Talbot
November 25 “Finding Refuge” – Genesis 7:1-3
– Paul Butler, North Shore Youth Safe House