CaitlinFrostTransforming Limiting Beliefs
using The Work of Byron Katie

With Caitlin Frost, Certified Facilitator

The Work is a simple and powerful process that enables us to work compassionately and effectively with the stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs that can keep us stuck and cause stress and conflict in our lives, relationships and work.

By learning to identify, and then inquire into our own thinking with The Work, we can transform the way we engage with challenges, access powerful insights and shift underlying stressful and limiting patterns. This enables us to access new possibilities in our thinking and actions, and experience more connection, clarity, intelligence and happiness.

As a reflective self-inquiry practice that helps us connect to our deeper wisdom, The Work complements many forms of spiritual practice. It is also very accessible to anyone wanting to access new ways of thinking and more peace.

Trained facilitator Caitlin Frost facilitates The Work in a wide range of settings around the world, and has been offering workshops in The Work at Mount Seymour for the past few years. She will be offering workshops at Mount Seymour this year and is also available for one on one coaching:

Upcoming Sessions:

Fall 2019 -- Practicing The Work

January 25, 2020 -- Introduction to The Work