As part of our ministry to our surrounding community, we welcome the opportunity to offer a Christian marriage ceremony. In a church wedding the spiritual dimension of marriage is as important as the legal. It is the assumption of our congregation that those couples who choose to be married in the church are committed to the ideals of Christian marriage and wish to have a public affirmation of their desire for God’s blessing upon their union.


We have prepared responses to the questions most frequently asked by couples regarding a church wedding:

1. How is a church wedding different from a civil wedding?

2. What do we need to do to get married in Mount Seymour United Church?

3. What should we do about pre-marriage counselling?

4. Do you perform same sex marriages?

5. What do we do about a rehearsal?

6. Who is the Wedding Coordinator?

7. What are the regulations regarding photographs in the church?

9. What do we do about music at the wedding?

10. What costs are involved in having a wedding in the church?