January 13, 2019 | Luke 3: 13-18, 21-22 | Rev. Nancy Talbot

  January 13, 2019 Luke 3: 15-18, 21-22 The Good News of Baptism, Epiphany and Star Gifts  Rev. Nancy Talbot at Mount Seymour United Church A few months ago, our church council spent an evening gathered around a question about the “Good News” of Mount Seymour United Church. Together we wondered what message from the gospel […]

The Fourth Gift

                    January 8, 2017 |   Isaiah 60: 1-16, Matthew 2: 1-12 | Rev. Nancy Talbot – In some parts of the world January 6th, the festival of Epiphany is an even bigger day of celebration than Christmas Day.  In some places, instead of hanging stockings by the […]