Creation as Gift

August 21, 2016   |   Romans 14:1-6; Luke 14:15-24   |   Trevor Malkinson – In 2009 I attended a day long Marcus Borg workshop here in Vancouver, at St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Kerrisdale. I’m sure many folks here also heard him speak at some point over the years. I was new to the church at the […]

How We Learn: The Practice of Generosity

August 7, 2016   |   Sharon and Roger Brain – Sharon: Twelve years ago, I was standing in an appliance store trying to decide whether we needed the refrigerator with the freezer above, below or side-by-side. My cell phone rang. It was our neighbor, Tara Kobewka, calling to say that our house on was on fire. […]

The Joy of Sharing

July 31, 2016   |   Matthew 19: 16-22  |   Rev. Nancy Talbot – (Show Video clip from Animate Practices: The Joy of Sharing) Shane Claiborne speaks in this video about a theology of enough.  In my own experience, travelling in countries where the majority of people have far fewer possessions than I do […]

The Practice of Service: Where I Live

July 24 2016  |   Sherrill McLeary – Last week we talked of how Enuma, a young theology student travelling the globe feeding the poor and offering what resources she had to those in need- was feeling she was being a good Christian and serving God. Enuma later experienced, what she called a nudge from […]

Practicing Community

July 10, 2016  |   John:15:9-17  |   Michael Hetherington – You’ll notice that I’m rather dressed up. I’m not wearing a T-shirt. But I didn’t want to get too dressed up.  The last time I delivered the sermon here—five years ago—I was wearing a white shirt with long sleeves and black dress pants.  After […]