Song of Faith : Sacraments

            February 19, 2017 | Matthew 28:19 | Rev. Wade Lifton –   Is the Universe a Friendly Place?   Let’s begin with a quote from Albert Einstein:   “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’  This is the first and most basic question […]

Song of Faith: Jesus

            February 12, 2017 | Song of Faith  | Rev. Nancy Talbot –     It’s been my experience over the years that when it comes to Jesus, most people are pretty comfortable with Jesus the Rabbi, the healer, the prophet, the Jesus our Song of Faith refers to as a […]

Wrestling A Holy Revelation –Worship and the Song of Faith

                February 5, 2017 |1 Kings 19: 1-13 | Rev. Brenda Fawkes –   The killings and injuries in the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre this week is an unbelievable act of violence that is incomprehensible and challenges our notion of a diverse and tolerant Canadian society. Its consumed […]

Celebrating the Thrift Shop Ministry

                        January 22, 2017 |  Song of Faith, Part Two, Luke 4: 16-22| Gladys Johnston – In the spring of 1990,a year after this church was built, we had a Garage Sale . After it was over we discovered boxes and boxes of high end […]

We Sing of the Creator

                    January 15, 2017 |  Song of Faith, Part One, John 1: 1-5 | Jen-Beth Fulton – We Sing of God the Creator You have just listened to the first segment of  one of the most beautiful pieces of writing the United Church of Canada has created. […]