April 23, 2017 | Luke 24:36-48 | Rev. Wade Lifton –   If you ask people about a sacred experience, most people, religious and non religious, will talk about an experience in nature.   Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Priest and popular writer, talks about two […]

Blindness and Sight

            March 26, 2017 |John 9: 1-12, 35-41| Rev. Wade Lifton – **Please note: audio recording starts about 2 minutes into sermon. Full written sermon posted below.     Blindness and Sight Blindness and sight are often used as a metaphor for spiritual openness. We hear it throughout the bible. We […]

Song of Faith : Sacraments

            February 19, 2017 | Matthew 28:19 | Rev. Wade Lifton –   Is the Universe a Friendly Place?   Let’s begin with a quote from Albert Einstein:   “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’  This is the first and most basic question […]

God: “I am who I am.”

              October 16, 2016  |   Exodus 3: 1-15 | Rev. Wade Lifton –     Here are some words from poet Tom Barrett:   I can’t talk about God and make any sense, And I can’t not talk about God and make any sense.   I think this is […]