Music / Concerts

  • JOJY Music for Children
  • Burtin’ With Broadway
  • North Shore Chorus
  • Pro Nova Concerts
  • Deep Cove Music concerts
  • Piano/Music Recitals
  • School Concerts

Professional Recording Sessions – view a video here

Clubs / Group Meetings / Workshops

  • Scouts
  • RCA Couples Group
  • Al-Anon
  • Yoga
  • Soul Fitness

Special Events

  • School Graduation Ceremonies
  • Group Fundraisers

Receptions / Parties / Dinners

  • Group Dinners, Parties and Potlucks

Mount Seymour Preschool

Movie Nights

Deep Cove Coffee House

Celebration of Life Memorial Services and Funerals

We have an auditorium/sanctuary, a reception lobby area, a large hall, a kitchen and small meeting rooms available for expanding your function. Click here for more details…


Contact Cindy Nelms in the office for rental rates and availability:
Phone: (604) 929-1336