Weekly News for June 7

~ Nurturing Spirit
~ Being Community
~ Living Generously

Beguiled by Beauty: Cultivating a Life of Contemplation & Compassion
Today we start our new series and focus on Beauty, Contemplation and Radical Compassion and we will share Communion. Please have bread or crackers and juice or wine or fruit of the vine of your choice at hand as you begin the worship video this morning.

You will also need a glass of water and a plant during the service if you have one nearby. The scripture reading for this morning is Ezekiel 31: 3-7

Rev. Nancy and Rev. Carla recorded the service, and our music minister, Julian Pattison, provided music leadership. Click on this link or on the image above to join in worship by viewing the video  https://youtu.be/74qlZJOYiaI

For a link to the sermon text, please click here:  

We invite you to prepare a worship space in your home.  You could place a candle, and light it at the same time that we do during the service.  Perhaps place a special object nearby, grab a cup of tea or something else that might make your surroundings feel sacred.  

There are some at-home materials for each week of this series.  Click on this link for the materials:  http://mtseymourunited.com/wp-content/uploads/At-Home-Preparations-Beguiled-by-Beauty.pdf

Letter from the Moderator of the United Church of Canada
We received the following from our Pacific Mountain Regional Council Leadership and Staff: 

As a member and friend of The United Church of Canada, we want to remind you of our denomination’s faithful attention to issues of justice and witness in our church systems and in our society. We share with you this joint letter (PDF link here) from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada National Bishop, Anglican Church of Canada Primate and our own UCC Moderator, responding to the current acts of violence and deep harm that are rooted in racism.

We invite you to prayerfully sit with this letter, and to make space in your own areas to hear the stories being shared by those in your community of faith and neighbourhoods who are experiencing racism. We encourage all to access opportunities for learning and growth, and to connect with one another for discussion and reflection. The joint letter on racism also offers action steps, and the internet is full of excellent resources – some that we’ve shared to the PMRC Facebook page.


PMRC Leadership & Staff

Interview with The Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey from Parkdale United Church in Ottawa

The UCC Executive Minister – Church in Mission, Michael Blair shared this recorded interview with the regional staff teams across Canada. Listen as Rev Dr Anthony Bailey (link here), offers context and history of anti-black racism in Canada.

Readers and Candle Lighters
If you are interested in participating in our worship service by acknowledging the land or lighting the candle in your home, please contact Rev. Carla wilkscarla@gmail.com  You will need a recording device (cell phone works great) and the ability to send the video via either iCloud, OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, as the video is usually too large to email directly.  There are instructions to help walk you through the steps. 

Note from Rev. Nancy…
For those of you who are familiar with Caitlin Frost’s leadership and The Work of Byron Katie, you will recognize this as a powerful offering for this moment in time.  It is also open to those who are not familiar with The Work.  Please feel free to share this broadly. 

CAITLIN FROST – Web Class:  Sustaining Life-giving Change in Times of COVID-19

Transforming Limiting Beliefs That Keep Us Stuck
July 9th to 30th
Thursdays 9 am to 11 am Pacific Time, online


This time of COVID has brought many layers of disruption and change for an unprecedented number of people around the world. It has brought with it experiences of uncertainty, fear, worry, anxiety, overwhelm and loss for many people at varying scales. It is so important to hold ourselves and each other with grace and compassion through all that is hard in this time.

For many people, this time of COVID disruption has also opened up some space of curiosity about what else is possible: some breath, some connection, some creativity. It has touched some deeper yearnings that have been overridden by the busyness, demands, expectations and attachments of our daily life. We have some moments when we think of going back to the way things were… And we pause… Hmmm… is all of that what I actually want for myself, and my life, my family, my community, the planet…


And while intention is beautiful and important, it is usually not enough to sustain real change in the face of the strong patterns that held us where we were pre-COVID.

We need to draw on our deeper practices to be able to engage the underlying beliefs that hold our old patterns in place.  Otherwise, when “normal” starts to re-appear in the world around us, it can re-surface our associated limiting beliefs, and without us knowing how it happened, our new way of living and being begins to fade away.

  • What have you discovered is important to you during this COVID time that you want to keep in your life as the “new normal” begins? 

  • What has awakened in you? What do you yearn for more of in your life? 

  • What do you want to do differently than before?

Join me for a 4 week online practice-based session focussed on identifying and sustaining what is important and life giving to you from this COVID time. We will use some powerful and accessible inquiry exercises (adapted from The Work of Byron Katie) to identify and inquire into the limiting beliefs that can override our intentions for change in service of a more conscious “new normal” that is more life-giving and life serving. Through focussed exercises, we will work to identify and transform the belief patterns of fear, scarcity, attachment and identity.


Program Includes:

4 two-hour interactive live web-sessions with Caitlin.

Optional partner exercises or written exercises in between.

Materials and exercises to take away.

Sessions will be recorded if you can’t join live.


4 Thursdays: July 9, 16, 23, 30.
9:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific Time 

Please email me if you are interested in a 5 pm Pacific Time additional offering (Tuesdays or Wednesdays)


$275 reduced rate for accessibility in COVID time.

Please contact me directly if the cost is a barrier to your participation.


Student Summer Jobs at Mount Seymour United Church Thrift Shop
Again this year we have qualified for the Canada Student Summer Jobs grant from the Federal Government, so we will be hiring students as we look to reopen the Thrift Shop over the next months.  If you know of a young person, age 15 to 30, who is looking for a job this summer and might be interested in working in the Thrift Shop, please have them e-mail their resume to Rev. Carla wilkscarla@gmail.com before Thursday June 11. 

Call for Letters of Support
This is a letter from Rev. Jim Hatherly at First United Church
Hello, friends
I am sending links on this email to two matters which call for responses to government, one provincial and one federal and to ask if you would consider writing letters of support.

First is an invitation to sign on to a letter requesting the BC government to provide long-term supportive housing options those who are ‘unhoused’.  Housing those who are among our most vulnerable community has been a call from many and for a long time.  At First United Church, in the Downtown Eastside we both provide shelter to and witness on the street some of the many who have not been able to find safe and secure housing.  The pandemic, for public health reasons, has provided the government an opportunity to act rapidly to find interim housing for several hundred persons who were unhoused.  But this is a temporary measure, the challenges of caring for those who are living in inadequate or high risk conditions is an ongoing concern and broad support for extending and deepening this response is very important.
There is real concern that momentum towards longer term solutions will come to an end when there is an easing of restrictions in the community.  This is the time to call for a more systemic response and to build on what our government has shown capacity for leading.
First United Church has signed on to this petition.


The other request concerns the proposed implementation of a Universal Basic Income (also referred to as a Guaranteed Annual Income) for all Canadians.  The Moderator has written a letter in this regard to the Prime Minister on behalf of the United Church of Canada and is found in the link below, along with a sample letter and many links to information and resources. You may wish to do this as an individual or as a congregational response and to invite conversations about this within your congregations to broaden your understanding of this.
Similar requests have come recently from a statement from 50 Senators and from the Anglican/Lutheran churches (they are attached in the document).  The United Church statement was released yesterday after consultation with the National Indigenous Council.  I would ask you to read through the material and consider writing to your Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to support this effort.  The United Church has taken previous positions on Basic Income.
The recent COVID-19 pandemic has elicited thoughtful responses to the crisis from the federal government but has also made evident the more deeply rooted issues of income inequality across the country.  This is a justice issue which Basic Income security will help to alleviate.


from the release…

Take Action

  1. Call or write to your member of Parliament and urge them to support the growing call for a UBI. Ask your MP to
    • seize this moment to roll out a UBI program in collaboration with the provinces, territories, and Indigenous leadership
    • develop and implement a program that provides an adequate living level for everyone and addresses the persistent inequities that exist within the present wage and social benefit structures of our country
    • address systemic barriers experienced by Indigenous peoples in accessing relief programs (for example, those related to COVID-19)
    • build a program that is universal, preserves human dignity rather than creates stigma, removes discriminatory barriers, does not penalize people for the work that they do, and is available with a minimum of bureaucracy

You can find your member of Parliament’s contact information by entering your postal code on the Parliament of Canada website.

  1. Share this Take Action on your social media networks. Use the hashtags #UCCan, #poverty, #UBI, #UniversalBasicIncome, #BasicIncome.
  2. Learn more about UBI by engaging with

Yours in hope for justice.

(Rev.) Jim Hatherly
Director of Community Ministry
First United Church Community Ministry Society
Located on the unceded Homelands of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations
320 East Hastings St Vancouver, BC V6A 1P4
Cell: 778-789-2103
Office 604.681.8365 ext. 121
F: 604.681.8928
Website: firstunited.ca

Sunday Morning “Coffee Hour” 11am – TODAY – Sunday June 7
Each Sunday at our regular coffee time we gather for a “virtual coffee hour” via Zoom video/phone.  We encourage you to try it out, either by calling in or joining via video with your computer/iPad/smartphone as we gather again this Sunday.
 We gather for a check in – how we are doing, and then we usually answer a question that is often related to the theme of worship.

You can join by phoning in to this phone number 778 907 2071 and then entering the meeting ID 895 4498 4147 followed by the # sign. You may have to also enter a  Password: 702111.  You can also join with video from your computer (with webcam), smartphone, iPad or tablet by clicking on this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89544984147?pwd=SnhBbk1JbzRUcE8vMkFQcTVZQ1gwZz09

Meeting ID: 895 4498 4147 Password: 702111

When you click on that link, you will be instructed to download an app on your phone or iPad, or some software on your computer (if you haven’t used Zoom before).
If you phone in to the phone number and you can’t get through, there are several other numbers you can try – just make sure you enter the same Meeting ID once you connect (see below).
587 328 1099 Canada
647 374 4685 Canada
647 558 0588 Canada
438 809 7799 Canada

Meeting ID: 895 4498 4147
Password: 702111

If you have any trouble or need some help before Sunday morning, please contact Rev Carla 604 340 4009 wilkscarla@gmail.com
If you have trouble on Sunday morning, please call Brenda Fawkes at (604) 790-4465

Meditation Monday June 8 at 7pm via Zoom
We are meeting via Zoom video/phone meeting for meditation every two weeks on Monday nights at 7pm.
Our next meditation evenings are June 8 and 22

You can phone in using your land line or cell phone.  Call: 778 907 2071.  If you phone in, you will need to key in the Meeting ID# which is 222 558 978 followed by the # sign.


You can use your computer (with webcam) or other device (cellphone/ iPad/ tablet) if you want to connect via video.  Others may also see you in a small picture across the top of their screens.

If you haven’t used Zoom before, you will need to download either the App (on your cell phone or I Pad) or Zoom software (on your computer)  If you click on the link below, you can then follow the instructions for what you need to download.

Time: Monday, May 25 2020 07:00 PM
To join the Meditation Zoom Meeting, click on this link.
Meeting ID: 222 558 978
To phone in, dial
+1 778 907 2071 Canada
Meeting ID: 222 558 978

If you have any trouble or need some help before Monday, please contact Rev Carla 604 340 4009 wilkscarla@gmail.com

If you would like to be added to the Meditation mailing list, please send an email to Sharon at sharonbrain@me.com

Making Your Offering

Our expenses continue even while programming and worship services can no longer be in-person as before.  For a video message from Ward Branch, a member of our Finance Team, please click the above picture or here.  Our church Council made the decision at our last Council meeting to continue paying all staff at this time even though this pandemic is affecting our regular activities.  As the Thrift Shop is closed, we do not have the weekly income from the weekly sales, so please continue to send your offering if possible, as a cheque in the mail, or via e-transfer to
 mtsuc@shaw.ca or via the donate button on our website.  As always, we thank those of you who make your offerings to the church through Pre-authorized remittance (PAR).  If you are able to increase your PAR givings during this time, you can e-mail Fay Butterfield at fbutterfield@shaw.ca
Changes to your existing PAR can be emailed to Fay, but if you would like to start donating by PAR, you need to
 print this form and fill it out. Be sure to indicate that it is for Mount Seymour United Church in North Vancouver, BC.  Please mail it directly to the PAR Administrator at the national church office.  Her address is:  
Rose Cambourne
The United Church of Canada
8 Switzer Street
New Lowell, ON
L0M 1N0

Thank you for continuing to support Mount Seymour United Church during these challenging days.

Phone Tree
We have set up a phone tree.  If you have not received a phone call from someone at the church and would like to, please email Rev Nancy <nancytalbot@shaw.ca> or Rev Carla <wilkscarla@gmail.com>

Pastoral Call
If you would like a pastoral call from Carla or Nancy, please let us know via phone or email. 

Live-Stream Worship Sunday Morning
Highlands United and St Andrew’s Wesley United are doing a live-stream worship together each Sunday morning at 10am.  You can join in here: Highlands Online 

We are Happy to Hear from You!

Rev. Nancy Talbot – Lead Minister –  nancytalbot@shaw.ca   604-929-4114

Rev. Carla Wilks – Associate Minister –  wilkscarla@gmail.com   604-340-4009

Anne Ellis – Children and Families Minister  – annerell@gmail.com

Cindy Nelms – Office Administrator  – mtsuc@shaw.ca   604-929-1336

Alexis Doss – Thrift Shop Manager – mtseymourthriftshop@gmail.com  604-339-4399





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