Farewell to our Office Administrator Cindy Nelms
We are very sad to announce that our Office Administrator Cindy Nelms will be finishing her work with us on September 11.  For the last three years Cindy has juggled the many balls her position requires with a smile on her face and a warm welcome for everyone. We will miss her creativity, strong organizational skills, dedication to her work and delightful sense of humour.  Cindy and her partner Robin will be moving to Parksville at the end of September.  We seek God’s blessing upon them as they begin a new chapter of their lives and we wish them the very best.  Without the chance to gather and say our collective goodbyes, we invite you to send emails and cards directly to Cindy or to pop by the office to show her your masked face before she takes her leave.  Thank you Cindy for your many contributions to our church community!  Parksville’s gain is Mount Seymour United’s loss.

If you know of someone who would be a perfect fit for this position, please have them contact Catherine Branch at catherinebranch@shaw.ca to request a job description.