Faith & Spirituality

Making a Commitment

The United Church offers baptism to people of all ages. Baptism is a symbolic and public act to signify a desire to follow the way of Jesus, to belong to a church community and to acknowledge the unconditional love of God in which we have been created.

Baptism is the single rite of initiation into the Christian community, although people do not have to be baptized to participate in our community. Water is used to represent the new life received when one engages in an intentional spiritual journey.

As part of a baptism service, the parents of children being baptized or adults coming to be baptized, are asked to commit to a life of Christian faith. Our congregation pledges support for those being baptized.

Baptisms are scheduled during Sunday morning worship in consultation with Rev. Nancy Talbot.

To prepare for these commitments, those seeking baptism at Mount Seymour United Church (for their children or for themselves as adults), are requested to participate in baptism preparation.

Please contact our minister Rev. Nancy Talbot via email at 604-929-4114 for further information regarding these sessions.