Meditation – Mondays at 7:00pm

Quiet the Soul. Nurture the Spirit.

Whether you have meditated for years, or are just beginning, you are welcome to this monthly evening of meditation practice. We will begin each evening with instruction, then we will practice together. Much of the meditation practice is silent: some guided meditations will also be offered.  Our goal is to encourage the development of mindful awareness of our own thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Meeting dates: October 7, November 11, December 9, January 13, February 10, March 9, April 6, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10


The Work of Byron Katie – Mondays at 7:00pm

Meeting dates: September 30, October 28, November 25, January 27, February 24, March 30, April 27, May 25, June 29

People who have previous experience in The Work of Byron Katie are welcome to join in this peer-led practice group.

The Work is founded by Byron Katie, author of the bestselling book “Loving What Is”.  For more information about The Work with Byron Katie, go to

Introduction to The Work of Byron Katie – Saturday, January 25

TheWork1The Work is a simple and powerful process that enables us to work directly and effectively with the beliefs and thoughts that keep us stuck, cause stress and limit our ability to think creatively and act wisely.  Trained facilitator Caitlin Frost has been offering workshops in The Work at Mount Seymour for the past few years and is also available for one on one coaching.

By learning to identify, and then inquire into our own thinking with The Work, we can transform the way we think about our problems, access powerful insights and shift underlying stressful and limiting patterns. This opens up new possibilities in our thinking and actions, and enables us to be more effective, intelligent, connected and happy in all areas of our lives and work.