FirstUnited-PhotoFirst United Church in the Downtown Eastside

We donated $40,000 in 2019 to First United Church in the Downtown Eastside, with the rest of the revenue supporting the operating costs of Mount Seymour United Church.

The Mission & Service Fund of the United Church

This fund helps others close to home and around the globe. You can donate to this fund by allocating a portion of your weekly offering to it. Contact Fay Butterfield, our Givings Steward, at to do this.


Mt. Seymour United has worked together with other North Shore churches over the years to sponsor and support refugee families.  We are currently working to bring two Syrian families to Canada who are living in a refugee camp in Iraq.  We have raised sufficient funds for their sponsorship and continue to raise funds in order to assist with their living expenses once they arrive.  The Canadian Government resources to complete the immigration process have not yet been available, but we are hoping that the government will be able to extend their resources to help these families soon.  We are in touch with the families on a regular basis and when they arrive we will employ the sponsorship funds on their behalf.  Please contact the office at Mount Seymour United if you would like any further information about developments in the sponsorship process (

DDA-600Developmental Disabilities Association

YWCA_Crabtree-600Crabtree Corner Women’s Resource Centre

twecsThird World Eye Care Society

Your old eyeglasses can make a world of difference to someone in the third world.

Emergency situations – Riverwood Coop fire

We support neighbours who have lost their homes to fire and other emergent needs.

Music in the community

Ministry students

Shoes for those in need

School supplies for children in need