About Us

Ministry & Personnel TEAM
The Ministry and Personnel Team at Mount Seymour United works to support the ministers and staff in accomplishing the ministry and desires of the congregation and community of Mount Seymour United Church. 
It also tends to the spiritually-based needs of the members of the congregation and community.  The M & P Team plays a lead role in the recruitment, assessment and hiring of new staff members and ministers in accordance with the guidelines of the United Church.

The Ministry & Personnel Team (as defined by the United Church Manual) is responsible to:

  • support the Ministers, staff and congregation and help to maintain good relations between them;
  • maintain clear guidelines regarding the responsibilities and the authority of staff members;
  • act as a liaison between the Ministers, staff members, the Council and the congregation in general administrative matters and relationships; and
  • review annually, address and resolve concerns regarding the compensation, travel allowances, working conditions, and all employment practices of the Ministers and staff as well as the effectiveness of the staff.
For more information, contact Michelle Coulombe at michelle@coulombes.ca