Faith & Spirituality

This week's Worship Services

In-person Worship & Children's Gatherings

Our worship services and children’s community gatherings are currently being held in-person at the church at 10 am on Sundays.  No Registration is needed.

Our weekly recorded worship services are recorded and available on our Youtube channel.  

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Children & Youth

We'll share a story, a prayer, a craft or activity.

Every week join Anne Ellis for a Youth and Children Gathering video.  If Sunday doesn’t work for you, watch it when it’s convenient for you & your family.

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Sunday Afternoon Coffee
Sunday zoom coffee hour will be held Sunday, October 3 at 1:00pm.

Passcode: 080786
Meeting ID: 979 1237 6327

If you need further instruction, please click here.
Making an Offering

At Mount Seymour United we believe that everything we have is gift.  We respond to the abundance of our living by caring for creation and for all people.  We joyfully give a portion of what we have been given for God’s work in the world through the church.  We call this Christian stewardship.

We welcome your contribution to our church as a sign of your gratitude for life’s many blessings and your gratitude and commitment to the ministry here.

We offer the opportunity to give to the life of the church during every worship service.  Offerings go towards the work of the local congregation; the work of the national church both in Canada and overseas through the Mission and Service Fund; and towards special projects (i.e.: the ministry of First United Church in the Downtown Eastside  or the Lookout Shelter on the North Shore).